Spiritual Music to Soothe The Soul

What is Peace Dancing?

Circle of dancers at Jamiat

Circle of dancers at Jamiat

The Dances of Universal Peace are circle dances celebrating the many spiritual traditions, tribes, and beliefs of the world. But what it really is… is our human DNA speaking to us in the way it was meant to speak, brethren moving together in song and harmony.

Just think about it… up until recent “modern” history everyone has danced in a circle! There is literally no telling how long it goes back. Dancing and drums are our nature. Around the world all the tribes have danced. There is conclusive evidence in the Bible and ancient middle eastern texts that early Christians would circle up and dance. Many traditions today still dance in a circle as a way of life.

You can feel it instantly when you join the circle. You see every face, they instantly become friends. Something in your soul says, “Yes!”

Dance Circle

Exactly what do we do?

The nuts and bolts are so simple! What happens is that everyone gathers in a circle (or two, or three) around a few musicians and a leader. The leader sings a very simple song which is often a mantric phrase in another language.

  • Sometimes it’s so simple we can just join right in. Like, “Alleluia.” We get that one pretty easy!
  • Sometimes it’s a little more complex, so the leader takes a moment to teach the words and tune.

We learn what the words mean, and possibly a bit of history and culture from it’s origins. Then it’s the movements:

  • This too can be very simple: Like walk to the left, to the right, and then spin.
  • Sometimes its more complex, and we take a few moments to learn.

Then the music starts and we dance together! We become a moving musical instrument. You feel the difference in participating in music rather than observing. Sometimes we are soft and quiet and inner. Sometimes we are rocking our hearts out! Always we are together, free in the movement and harmony.


Healing qualities of the dance

Circle dancing is like vitamins for the heart. Just as nutritionists have discovered that the body will fail if deficient in a vitamin, you can discover missing pieces of yourself through the dance.

In western cultures we are isolated from each other and we tend to think too much! This isn’t a problem that can be overcome with study, discussion or therapy! But it is easily healed in the dance. The magic of the dance is everyone doing it together.

  • You don’t have to think about it.
  • You don’t have to try to heal.
  • You don’t have to believe it, or even do it right!

The magic is in the dance itself; in the community itself. We are medicine for each other in this way.


The first benefits are instant.

Of course it’s always great to be moving! It’s good for the blood, and the lungs and the heart. It’s good for the face because you’ll be smiling. It’s great for the soul because you are harmonizing.

The lasting benefits come from making circle dancing a part of your life. Over time you get to know the community on a heart-to-heart basis. Pain you didn’t know you had dissolves: fear of being touched, fear of looking at others, of being looked at, of singing, moving and laughing. A home away from home is built in the dance. It’s a home for the heart. That’s the healing power of moving together.


Please come join us for our next dance weekend. We will love to see you.