Spiritual Music to Soothe The Soul

The Power of Failure

Dear Dancers and Friends,

I’ve failed at more things in my life than I can even count. It’s almost like the more I want something, the more I fail at it. Of course, maybe that has something to do with how often I try: when I want something I’m willing to try more times.

Sad, but true.

There is a brighter picture, however. The blessing of failure is our ability to learn from it.

Collective Learning

I’m thinking of failure this morning and how it relates to us coming together as a world-wide community of loving human beings. It seems like I can always see that happening, and yet it never does. I thought we were going in that direction, and then suddenly we make a sharp right turn. What are we learning right now? Could it be that this is the job of living generations today: to find this new way of coming together and make it a living reality? Could it be that we are learning that we need to take this job on more consciously?

Back in my crazy days in the 60’s we tried breaking all the rules: that had its limitations! We tried communes: those didn’t work out too well. I tried dropping out and hiding in the wilderness: that was kind of a pain. We tried activism, that seemed to help a bit, but it was so hard to agree on anything! It all creates a mind boggle.

Except one thing.

The only thing I have found that works instant magic for human communion is music and dance. Music has rhythm. Feet can move to the rhythm. Song brings our voices together. Even if our minds are going in different directions, when we sing together community happens. When we move together in rhythm, hearts begin to beat as one. What a relief that it just works!

I don’t know the answer to all the world’s problems (though I keep trying…) but I do know the healing power of  joining hands in a circle and breathing with song. That’s why we keep leading weekend retreats. It’s an opportunity for us all to take a break from learning from failure. It’s a moment of simplicity, relaxation, and togetherness.

I like that.

Sam Lewis was convinced that eating, dancing and praying together would lead to world peace. I think he may be right, as long as we are willing to acknowledge each small step. As long as we all make the effort to show up.

So let’s dance!

My heart is happy as I start to make plans for our next dance camp at Lava Hot Springs in November. I have the Lava Senior Center rented for the weekend of November 3-5. I have the registration form ready on the website: http://liveatlava.com. I sent our advertisement in for the DUP website. We have a Facebook event page and I’m going to start advertising that. Melissa and I have been working on great ideas to make food easier. I have a bunch of great new dances from Wilderness Dance Camp.

Can you come?

Zareen, Wayne and the gang.