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Tent Money Again!

Hi All,

It’s my first time to use Gofundme, so I was a bit slack in getting it all set up right. I thought they would hold all the money until we had enough for our tent… but no. Donations were cut off last week until I set up a bank account and withdrew funds. The good news is that we have had lots of donations and we are back up and running again!

Idaho/Utah/Montana Tent

For those who missed… Wayne and Connie are going to buy a dance tent for communities in the Idaho, Utah and Montana landscape. This is a way to donate. The goal is to have several very inexpensive camp-out events each summer.

When you see me at Wilderness you are going to notice that my neck is just a little bit longer from straining and looking constantly as we drive around… trying to spot perfect meadows!!!! Wayne and I have meadow analysis down to a fine art. Our tent is going to be (almost) exactly two dog-leashes in width. So we go to a meadow, one of us stands in the middle, and the other walks the dog around in a circle analyzing the flatness and quality of the space.

The Gofundme donations are up to $625 – because of the huge generosity of the community! We are open for donations again. We are definitely getting the tent – donations will just determine whether it is this summer or next.

Thanks to everyone.

Putting up the tent

One thing about a dance tent is that it is a lot of work to erect. However, we believe we have overcome the most difficult part. Wayne just bought a motorized post-pounder! That is going to make it easy to get the stakes in the ground! The machine just arrived, and we’ll send off some pictures and videos after we fire the thing up and give it a go.

Come to Wilderness Dance Camp and you, too, can experience the wonders of the post pounder!!!

Thanks to everyone for everything you do.

Connie and Wayne