Spiritual Music to Soothe The Soul

Spring to Life!

We had some rain yesterday and everything turned green in one day. Amazing how that happened.

What I’m hearing from people, though, is that we are tired and worn out! That’s not surprising considering the pace we all work at, and the stress we’ve been under. I’m thinking it’s time for a retreat… and guess what?

Lava is next weekend! (April 21-23)

I may be wrong, but I think the main thing needed to counteract exhaustion is hope. That’s why spring is always so powerful each year. There are still a lot of grey gloomy clouds, it keeps getting cold and wet, but flowers bloom, grass grows, birds start flying north. Nature doesn’t worry about the setbacks of weather. Nature notices even the slightest changes in temperature and responds with abundance.

What we seem to need, as humans, is to have a rebirth in faith of the goodness of our collective self. Coming together in song and dance is the fastest, most poignant, way to share in the goodness and beauty of each other. Moving, toning, smiling, hugging… that’s what we are good at!

Let’s do that!

Single Sessions

If you can’t come for the whole weekend we would love to see you for a day! Here is our schedule: http://liveatlava.com/schedule/

Still Room!

We still have some room at the retreat, and some lodging space as well. Sign up here: http://liveatlava.com/register/

Last Call for a ride

We have a dancer in Richmond Utah who needs a ride… and is starting to give up hope of finding one!!! So last call to help bring Anna Carol to camp.

She lives on the back highway between Salt Lake and Lava. She can get a ride to the highway on Friday and is very flexible in schedule. Just as a hint hint… she is a very interesting person and her lucky driver will be in for a treat in getting to know her better!

If you have any friends in Salt Lake maybe give them a call and encourage them to come to camp!