Spiritual Music to Soothe The Soul

On Being Heard

Sometimes I feel like I have the littlest voice, and there is no chance of being heard over the rumble of propaganda engulfing the nation. I’ve noticed it can even choke up my throat and make my voice squeak!

Fortunately there is a cure.

How to be Heard

One good way to be heard is to have billions of dollars. Apparently you can buy entire media outlets and have them help you say what ever you want to say.

Most of us don’t have that option so we need to be more creative.

One great way to be heard is to listen better. I don’t mean to sit around in a cave and listen to the wind… I mean to cast your net outwards in many directions and listen to what you find out there. I’m constantly surprised at how often I have something to say, and before I get around to typing or speaking I find that someone else has said it and passed it around. Usually it’s much better than the way I was going to say it (especially when my way was going to include numerous, colorful, swear words.)

When I actually stop myself from my headlong, tripping fall forward, I realize that all these voices really are “me” speaking as well. It’s as if my consciousness is shared throughout a body of incredible people who are speaking in sync. It’s quite a thrill.

Another great thing is to work on our voices. We’ve been told to shut up so many times. We’ve been told that our “whining” is annoying and that our vision is wrong so many times that we hold a stopper up in front of our own faces. Sometimes this results in constricted and broken voices. Sometimes this results in awkward and unclear speech. There is no harm, whatsoever, in working on the vehicle to free the sound that needs to come out of us.

That’s what singing in a group does!

Anyone who has gone to a dance camp has probably experienced the difference in their voices from the first day to the last. Spending days making sound with each other, moving our bodies and experiencing harmony is such a quick cure. Highly recommended!

Dance in July

Wilderness Dance Camp (July 30-Aug 5) is right around the corner. Bernie Heideman is the director this year, and it sounds like he is putting his magic touch on the week. We are going to be Singing a New World into Existence!

I am planning a Dance Leader Training group that will include many skills for leadership in general. As we all know, timing is everything. I’m hoping to offer a Rhythm Theory class, as well as a class to open our voices. I’m also planning on sharing a toning meditation each morning. So please, Ya’ll Come!

Sign up at: http://wildernessdancecamp.com

The Idaho Tent

Big news … and then bigger news!

* We are so amazed at the donations coming in for the new dance tent! Up to $625 already!!! Wayne and Connie are saving money and will donate any remaining balance needed, but donations now help us get there faster!

If you want to spur on the action, here is our Gofundme page: https://www.gofundme.com/dancetent

* AND… Wayne just ordered and received an automatic post pounder!!!! This is going to make putting up the tent so much easier!! We plan on using it up at Wilderness at the end of July and are so excited to make “backbreaking” work less back breaking!

Be sure to like our Facebook page and we’ll post pictures as we test out the machine this afternoon. It’s going to be HUGE!


Lava Dance Dates

I just called the Lava Senior Center and reserved dates for our next two dances. So put these dates on your calendar:

  • Fall 2017 – November 3, 4 and 5
  • Spring 2018 – April 27, 28, 29

We are also working with Ginger Nuria to have leadership training at these camps. So stay tuned for more of that.

Let’s open our hearts and sing!

Connie Zareen