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Lava Information

Lava Dance Camp Registration Information

Live at Lava is fast approaching and we are excited to be seeing you soon!

If you need any help planning your travels to Lava Hot Springs please check out the Lava Chamber of Commerce, or call our registrar: Diane Walker 208-481-0479. We don’t supply shuttles to camp from the airport, but can help coordinate. We also have a few room-sharing options available.


Rooms are not included in the retreat package, so make sure you have your motel reservations set up. The Chamber of Commerce website for Lava has listings of all the local motels. http://www.lavahotsprings.org/(link is external)

The Home Hotel is giving us a 10% discount for dancers.

http://www.homehotel.com/(link is external)

Arrival & Schedule

We dance in the Senior Citizen’s Center, which is the first building you come to after you drop off the highway into town. It is a large cinderblock building on your left.

We are allowed into the Center at 3 p.m. on Friday If you arrive early come on in and help us set up!

Dinner on Friday & Saturday is at 6 pm, and dancing starts at 7:30.

Saturday & Sunday starts with breakfast from 7:45 to 8, and dancing at 9:30. Lunch is at noon.


Six delicious meals are provided with the retreat. We’ll have a potluck dinner on Friday; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday; and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.

The meals are all vegetarian with chicken on the side. We only have a handful of people with allergies this year, and accommodations are being made for them.

Here are the offerings so far for Friday dinner potluck:

  • Potato bar with veggie chilly, cheese, sour cream, and spring greens. (Camp providing for all)
  • Rice/bean/veggie salad
  • Crockpot of something veggie (probably potato/corn/tofu chowder
  • Bagels
  • Veggie sushi
  • Waldorf salad.

As always potluck is not required but appreciated and loved!

Musicians and Leaders

As you arrive at camp please let us know about your musicianship! We coordinate experienced leaders into our Saturday and Sunday morning sessions, and also have a dance/music training time on Saturday afternoon. We want to know how to help you in your local circle!



We will eat, dance and pray together through the weekend with plenty of time for soaking in the hot springs. Camp will be over on Sunday at noon. We’ll have a sack-or-stay lunch available.

It is very wonderful if you can plan some time  to help us clean up. We have to leave the place cleaner than we found it and vacated by 2pm.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


The Lava Team

Diane Walker registrar: (208) 481-0479

Connie Zareen (208) 756-3076

Wayne Talmadge (208) 756-8137