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Free Online Classes from Wali Ali !!!

I recently discovered something wonderful I want to share. A free online class from Wali Ali covering a book he co-authored, “Physicians of the Heart: A Sufi View of the Ninety-Nine Names of Allah”. Written with three other co-authors, it is groundbreaking in insight and depth. Also groundbreaking in weight; don’t drop in on your foot!

You can download these classes (& anothers) via a link here:
Please note, these zipped files will not work with with Chrome or Android operating systems. You may need to jump through hoops from Apple Support making them float on your Mac. Windows should be just fine.
The book and audio pronunciations can be found here: http://physiciansoftheheart.com/

Since serious acquaintance with the 99 Names of Allah is demanded of DUP Leader mentees, this book has become a revered text. Wali Ali’s recordings of classes covering the book were monthly gatherings with dedicated students lasting over a year. Not focusing on every aspect of this big fat humongous treatise, his lectures do a remarkable job distilling the book’s essence and indeed expanding it for listeners. I heartily recommend the book and free classes to all mentors, mentees, and serious students of Dances. Even if you’ve previously read this tome, consider revisiting it with these classes. One thing I’ve greatly enjoyed is literally hearing Love drip from Wali Ali’s voice.

“Ya Fattah” to Murshid Wali Ali for sharing this resource!

Chris Englund