Spiritual Music to Soothe The Soul

Four Weeks until Lava

Hard to believe that it’s only four weeks until we meet in Lava Hot Springs for our fall dance. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Let the countdown start! For those who haven’t, please sign up at http://liveatlava.com.

Introducing our Leaders.

First – for those who don’t know him… we’d like to introduce Narayan. He has been one of our main leaders since starting the Lava retreat all those years ago.


Narayan is a fabulous guitar player with a deep intuition for using music and movement to bring the circle into harmony. Both musical and heart harmony.

This year Narayan spent two and a half months (late Jan to early April) traveling and leading dances, mostly in the southern hemisphere, with a full month in New Zealand. Then it was on to leading our week-long retreat on Flathead lake in Montana.

By far, most important, is his recent work with Zeroeth Commandmennt – a silent breathing practice using the essential “Nan Yar” (Ramana Maharshi’s essential ego destroying question, “Who am I?”) Both in dance and silent practice.

He is bringing some new material to Lava in a few weeks, and we can expect an amazing Saturday evening Zikr.

Enough for today:

Next newsletter we’ll learn more about Zareen!