Spiritual Music to Soothe The Soul

Flyer, Dates & Details

20 Days until Lava!

Only 20 days left until we meet together to dance and heal in Lava Hot Springs. Here are some important detials.


Please download our flyer, pass and post them around. Especially if you are local to the Lava, Pocatello or Idaho Falls area.

Download Lava 2017 Flyer


We are filling up fast, but have a few spaces left in our shared housing. Please reply to this email if you are interested and I’ll put you in touch with Rahmana to see if she can fit you in a room.

We also hear that there are a few motel rooms available at the Home Hotel, and also at the Tumbleweed Inn (both in Lava in walking distance to dance hall.)


We have our regular dance schedule for the evenings and mornings. We also have special Earth Day activities on Saturday afternoon.

Here’s a page with the full schedule.

Water Ceremony

We are excited to connect with Nichelle,of Medicine Muse for a water ceremony on Saturday afternoon at 2. Even if you don’t come dance, we would love for you to come connect with us this way – and bring any friends.

About the ceremony

Moonshadow is an intuitive energy healing practitioner. She practices and teaches many different spirit guided modalities and healings for one’s self mind, body, and soul. As well as for all divine universe.

PiKaKi is of many lineages of healers from many cultures, and has practiced channeling and healing since a very young age.

Please join and help empower a very much needed, uniquely empowering healing for everything, everywhere for Mother Earth. A critical call has been made for a Conscious, Divine Blessing of Waters ceremony to take place. For those who hear the call and feel moved to answer Creator, we welcome you with open hearts, spirits and minds.

We will be collecting the divine to give infinite love, light, and healing into the water. Esoteric, energetic collection of the Divine will take place with our collective intention and action by giving infinite love, light, and healing into the water and to all who are present, and, beyond.

There will be music (acoustic indigenous instruments only PLEASE), movement, and many blessings to share. This is a great opportunity to meet some of our spiritual family members!

Following the ceremony, MEDICINE MUSE will offer all participants a drink of empowered water and opportunities to learn more about cleaner water source, protecting and other practices to provide safer water (drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry). They are completely environmentally and eco-friendly. All available for you and your loved ones. Those who wish to learn more about ancient holistic, esoteric, simple energetic and natural medicinals for supporting and healing spirit, body and mind are welcome to explore the possibilities through the many offerings that will be available and present. We will have a full set up for you to explore in the MEDICINE MUSE studio!

We are very excited to be sharing such a special blessing with each of you and those that will be visiting town to participate in the Peace Dance Festivities this weekend! This DONATION based event will be one you won’t forget! Come ready to receive as much as you will be ready to give.

Sending our infinite love, light and prayers to each and every one of you!

Please share our Facebook event on the water ceremony. 

How to Be an Effective Human Being

In holding true to insights from a year of illness, Zareen will be holding a talk after the water ceremony to inspire us all to live our full potential in the coming years. She’ll be talking about that crazy thing we know as ego, how it evolved to help us survive, and how our very survival now requires that we bring awareness to its workings. As you may know from working with Zareen, the talk will be lively, funny and inspiring. Be prepared to realize that the boogyman is not such a big boogy!


Melissa is cooking for us this retreat. She is planning on a simple and delicious fare, and working in the kitchen will be minimal. She will be needing some help, however, so we should all be prepared to pitch in when needed.

Friday night will be a potluck. We ask each person to bring some easy things like a quiche, humus, salad (especially if you having something growing in your garden) and your favorite bread (especially if you are gluten or wheat free.)

Ride Sharing

We have a dancer who needs a ride from Richmond Utah. That’s between Salt Lake and Lava, but on the backroad instead of the highway. Please look up the town on Google maps and know if you can swing by and get her. It would be a wonderful blessing to us all if you can help. Anna Carol is very flexible with her schedule and we’ll get you in touch with her if you can help.

Matter of fact… Salt Lake people – perhaps this is your incentive to come join us for the weekend!

Dancing Feet and Happy Throats

Come ready to move and sing! We are so excited to see everyone again and eat, dance and pray together.