Donate forDances of Universal Peace Presence

at the Parliament of World Religions

This is the page for our grassroots effort to fund a public Wednesday night dance, and booth at the Parliament of World Religions.

We envision the booth as a place to put out flyers for upcoming DUP retreats (sent to us by event organizers) and literature on the Dances, perhaps even a laptop showing selected Dance videos. We will have banners, chairs, maybe a rug and large thermoses of peppermint tea to share with visitors; and the booth can serve as a meeting place for our community (around 60 people at last count) and a place for people interested in the Dances to find us.

The Wednesday Night dance will be held at Holy Trinity Cathedral and is our opportunity to bring the dances to the community of Salt Lake, as well as reach other Parliament attendees. We are holding this dance for free, and have quite a few expenses for renting the building and advertising.

POWR Dates are Oct 15 - 19 in Salt Lake City, UT

Wed dance is Oct 14th, at 7:00 pm

The grassroots team is Sky Majida, Zareen Connie Delaney and Laurie Adams. Finances for the adventure is being managed by the Live at Lava dance community. Donations will go through Live at Lava and be distributed from there. Anything extra will be donated to the dance network after the event. We do not have a particular non-profit organization managing the effort, so donations are not tax deductable - just your heart offering to the cause.

Donations can be sent through the following Paypal button, or mailed to

Live at Lava
PO Box M
Salmon, ID 83467

(Make checks payable to "Live at Lava."