Spiritual Music to Soothe The Soul

Dancing and Earth Day

Dear all,

We are all home from our weekend at Lava Hot Springs, and it was a special time.

You can see some pictures on this page:

… including Salim’s amazing asparagus dish for the potluck.

And wow! Food

Speaking of food… it was the most amazing potluck I’ve ever seen on Friday night. Everything from quiche variety, to beet soup and grass fed franks and beans! Even a huge New York cheese cake!

Our wonderful dance leader Melissa did a fabulous job in cooking all weekend. Not only did she provide us fabulous food, but she has created some amazing structures to help make the camp more delicious and easy in the future. Next retreat is going to be just as easy and delicious!

Steeped in beauty

Most touching was the quality of hearts that came and shared being this weekend. Each person was so present, so full of dance and song and life that it was a joy each day.

We have a wonderful practice to share with everyone: As we move away from Earth Day weekend 2017 do some thinking of where you feel indigenous to. Find a friend and share your stories. It’s amazing how easy and deep we can all go into this question, and how it informs the way we move on the earth.

Love to all and hope to see you next fall. Stay tuned for announcements as we schedule the next retreats.

Zareen & Wayne