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Moving forward!

Greetings all!

I’m writing you today, hiding in my air-filtered cave, and surrounded by Idaho wild fires. Wayne and I seem to be positioned right in the smoke of fires no matter which way the wind blows. We have a huge one to the south and a gynormous one to the north! Come on rain!

You are going to see huge smiles on our faces in December because we know the fires will be out by then! No worries at all this year about winter coming on!

Speaking of which, for any of you who haven’t come to a December Lava in a number of years… it seems like we are not getting the cold and scary driving conditions like we used to years ago. We all have a hint what that’s about… but just so you know it’s a lot easier to get there these days and we hope to see you!

A message from Bernie

Here’s something from Bernie about the new excitement around Lava… and Wilderness too. Bernie will be the high-honcho for Wilderness next year. When he’s in charge it’s always great!

Bernie says this:

“So I’m sitting here this morning learning some of the dances from Wilderness and Crestone (from Sara) and I’m thinking I would promote Lava as the “best of the new and the best of the old.”  That we are bringing the growing energy of the dances to Lava.  How wonderful Wilderness was, and is, and how people who were at Wilderness can re-experience some of the energy and those that weren’t there can feel some of it.  That Wilderness is a clearinghouse of the best new material.”

I totally agree and would love to hear other people’s feelings about dancing in Lava, what it means, and what we want to see. Come toLiveatlava.com(link is external) and post your ideas in the forum.

Energy from Chris

I’m sure you all remember Chris Englund from Jackson Hole (if you don’t you have to come meet him!). Chris brings his luminous positive energy to Lava each season. He’s one of our most enthusiastic decorators of the room, and always offering sessions in the afternoon (often while soaking in the hot pools at the same time).

Chris has posted a few items to the forum, so go to Liveatlava.com(link is external) and send him some feedback. One is a conversation about hanging up Christmas lights with the idea of zero-impact on the room environment. The other is a container for prayer and meditation.

Remember that I am still trying to make all the programming in the website work. Chris points out that we need ways for conversations to be sent to everyone, and we will eventually get there.

Meanwhile, be sure to also use the Facebook page(link is external) that Lotus set up. We can all communicate easily with each other from there:

A new attempt to give back

I started a new website: BetterOffWithObama.com(link is external). It’s a place where we can post our stories if we are feeling less stressed out than we were 4 years ago when everything was taking the big tank! It would be way cool if it spreads quickly and can make a difference! Post stories there and pass it on. It’s my little attempt to help spread a positive message and I appreciate all help!

Sign up soon!

Thanks to all the early folks who went right out and signed up for the retreat! We really appreciate it as it gives us the needed cash to make down payments on food and rent for the retreat. We love you guys!

And to all… hope to see your smiling faces soon both online and in December in Lava Hot Springs.

Love and Hugs

Connie Zareen & Wayne

P.S. Sorry about such a long newsletter. When I started I thought I didn’t have anything to say, and then I went on and on! I’ll try to write more often so the news isn’t so full. And if you don’t want this newsletter there is an unsubscribe button right below, and if you want to help spread the word… pass this along to friends.

Facebook and Flyer

[This newsletter is for the community of dancers who gather (have ever gathered, or ever want to gather) for the dance in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho!]

Hello everyone again!

Thanks to you all for your comments, help and enthusiasm as we move forward with our “Lava Improvement Program!” We have a few new things ready, and some comments and questions to answer.

Lava Facebook Page

Lotus created a Facebook page for the Lava community. So please join over there. I also made an event page for the December event. It will help us tremendously if you all Like our page, and forward the event off to all your interested friends.

Thanks so much for starting that Lotus! We love you… I put a link to the Facebook page at the bottom of LiveatLava.com(link is external).

Flyer is Ready

We have a flyer all ready, and have uploaded it as a pdf to theLiveatLava.com(link is external) homepage. Wayne and I are printing out a bunch of them today and will be mailing them off to dance circles around the area. Let me know if you want some (or if you see a typo or anything…)

What about OP?

Arthur asked if Oneness Project isn’t still running Lava?

The answer is: kinda sorta a little bit maybe or maybe not.

The thing is that it depends on what the community wants. And that’s why we are making a big attempt at bringing in new life to the process.

The real answer is that YOU are Lava! Come dance in December and join in the discussion.


We have a forum up and running on LiveatLava.com(link is external)  (and fixed the permissions for posting thanks to Chris and Lotus). You can now post your ideas, and list if you are available for room or ride sharing.

I posted an idea about letting community members advertise their businesses and services on the site. What do you all think about that? We always have a wonderful bazaar each weekend, why not support each other’s endeavors throughout the year?

So enough for today. Thanks to everyone who made an account on the site, joined us on Facebook, and keep us in your hearts.


Connie Z and Wayne!

Mutual Awakening

Good Day!

Hoping to see you this weekend at camp. If you are not making it we will have you there in spirit. To that end I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine who is doing some amazing work in the field of evolving consciousness: Jeff Carreira. Jeff is currently working with Patricia Alberte in what they are calling the “Evolutionary Collective.” If you think that sounds very much like what we are doing in the Dance then you are absolutely right!

Jeff and Patricia have just launched a Free 8-Part eLearning Course(link is external) on Mutual Awakening that would be wonderful for many of us to do together as a community.

Mutual Awakening

In their new eLearning course Patricia Albere and Jeff Carreira share their experience of the shared mystical domain of Mutual Awakening and explain how it can be approached, experienced and lived together.
Mutual Awakening is a powerful spiritual opening that occurs between two or more individuals who have turned toward each other in a gesture of profound sensitivity and vulnerability. This profound level of connection brings us into an inner world that exists between us. This shared inner space, sometimes called inter-subjectivity or ‘we-space,’ is a new frontier in consciousness. Most of us have very little access to it, but over the course of the next few decades our society will develop a capacity for experiencing inter-subjectivity that will rival our current access to individual consciousness.
This extraordinary eLearning course is offered free of charge and includes a copy of the eBook Mutual Awakening, Opening into a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness.

Quality and Trust

Although I have yet to meet Patricia Albere, I have known and worked with Jeff Carreira for many years and can attest to both his authenticity and integrity. Jeff was my teacher for the Evolutionary Enlightenment course. The only thing I can say is that he is both brilliant and fun! Unquestionably he is on the leading edge of the new spirituality emerging on the planet and is worth engaging with!
Mutual Awakening means simply awakening that which is between us as much as that which is in us. Yes – it’s a very good idea for moving humanity into our next phase of environmental and social harmony.
And speaking of harmony…

Add Music and Feet and you have Dancing!

You can see where I’m heading with this… yes! Pick up a guitar, strike a chord, lay down a drum beat, add some feet and you have the Dances of Universal Peace being described in a whole new way!

So please take a look. Sign up for the free eCourse if you are so moved andI’ll see you on the other side. 


Here’s the really long link to click on (Those of you who are techy will notice that it references a website with a bunch of code at the end of the URL – that is the tracking code so that they know I sent you!!!)

http://evolutionarycollective.com/courses/mutual-awakening-elearning-course/?inf_contact_key=6301777e0053c4f36d99ba3c15c2a487d4dc99303043fd143e9d649cdc48e66c(link is external)

In case that doesn’t work for you… here’s the short version without the tracking:

http://evolutionarycollective.com/courses/mutual-awakening-elearning-course(link is external)



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