Spiritual Music to Soothe The Soul


Why we dance

Dear Dance, Hot Springs and Beauty Lovers,

This morning I woke up with the sun streaming through the window (Yea! for Sunday morning…). The grass is greening from spring rains, and three deer were grazing right below the porch. (Yes, for those of you who know Kyle the dog… he was quite anxious over the whole situation.)

I was struck with the beauty of our earth, and started thinking about why we dance, why it is so important that we come together to sing and move together.

Many of you are probably in agreement with me that we live in a time where deep social changes need to take place, quickly; both within our country and throughout the entire world. Humanity (particularly in the good ol’ US) has seriously lost the roots of our being. Most particularly we’ve lost the feeling and experience of being “us”. Our lives are so independent that we very rarely touch into the ground of being within our humanity that we are, in essence, one organism around the globe.

Eat, Dance and Pray Together

I think that Sam Lewis (the crazy mystic who started the dances in the 60’s) had a similar vision. He asked us to “Eat, dance and pray together.” That wasn’t a request just to party, but to come together within the context of his (our) overall global peace plan.

Dancing is different from all our other spiritual pursuits because it requires our participation. It is not just about our single, personal, feeling of peace and unity. It’s about creating an actual living unity within the circle.  The Dances of Universal Peace is not a spectator sport. It is one of the few things we can do where we are not a consumer. Our spot in the circle is important because it fills the room with our movement and song.

Every time we get together we not only feel it, but we become it. That’s why we go home from each dance meeting with a sense of greater soul strength and clarity. And that’s why it’s important that we all come together and dance as often as possible.

So Happy Spring to everyone. I hope to be seeing your smiling face in the circle very soon.


Connie Zareen

Music is magic

Blessings to all Lava Dancers and Dance Lovers,

Hope you are all faring well through the winter. Just a short newsletter today to get you thinking about the spring dance, and share a bit of human magic in a very inspiring Youtube video. This is about a gentleman who is giving away music in Washington State and creating a miracle in the community.

He says, “Music is a gift, you give it away and you get to keep it forever.”

I can’t embed a video into an email, but you can either click on the following link to Youtube, or come to Liveatlava.com and watch the video on our newsletter page.

Click here for the video of the Harmonica Man(link is external)

Spring Dance April 26-28 2013

Thanks to everyone who signed up early for the Spring Live at Lava dance. You early-birds are a super special gift in a community that is always full of love.

I’m going to get it together to send out a more “newsy” newsletter one of these days, But here is a short little rundown of some of the changes we are continuing with.

  • In December the community decided that changes in the way we do food were working well, and actually pretty exciting for a few folks.
  • We have some amazing raw food “cooks” who are going to be sharing classes with us on Saturday afternoon – which will result in Saturday’s dinner.
  • We’ll also have some crockpot classes/recipes cooking up on Saturday afternoon.
  • Saturday dinner is going to be AMAZING!
  • Everyone agreed to have Friday night dinner be potluck. I’m very excited about that.
  • Lunches and breakfast will be supplied by the camp.
  • We agreed that meals (particularly breakfast and lunch) will be simple with special care taken to reduce the amount of cleanup needed by our faithful karma yoga crews.
  • Decorations in the hall last December were wonderful. Wayne is continuing on with his creativity and appreciates all the help from everyone in ideas and setup/takedown.


Unfortunately our beautiful photographer in December had her camera stolen before she could get the photographs off. Somebody out there is enjoying all our pictures!

But the good news is that the December community was very generous in letting her photograph from inside and outside the circle during a few select dances in the morning. We are going to be continuing that idea both so that we can get great pictures, and so that we don’t have to worry about cameras and all during the rest of the weekend.

If anyone has any good photos to share please send them on, or post them to our Facebook page.

Fragrance Free

In December we had an offering of essential oils being sold during the bazaar. What we did was simply ask the entire circle, who was there at the time, if the essential oils were okay. There was nobody at the camp who had a sensitivity, so we were able to have the oils at the bazaar.

It seems like that is a good way to manage the fragrance free needs of the group. So let’s all basically continue assuming that the camp is fragrance free – particularly from any manufactured purfumes and the like. But once we are at camp, if someone has something special like the essential oils, we’ll simply ask the community if it’s okay and proceed from there.

See you soon

Enough for now and hope to see you all soon. The days are starting to get longer and that always brings a rush of creativity to the soul!


Connie Z and Wayne!

Love, feet & Leadership

Hi again dance lovers, a few quick things as the December dance gets closer… and messages from Narayan & Bernie!

Just a quickie reminder that the winter Lava dates are December 7-9 (simply weeks away). Cost is our affordable sliding scale that starts at $85. There is still time to sign up. You can use the online form athttp://liveatlava.com(link is external), find a flyer there to mail, or even just give Zareen a call at 208-756-3076

Bernie is all fired up

Big B is having some major creative outpourings… and I hear that there will be some new stuff at camp!

He is all all fired up about finding ways to help local dance circles juice up and grow. One great idea is to have a short meeting after each dance session for any leaders and musicians to discuss what had energy, what worked and why. Should be some powerful stuff! We are also planning on a Saturday afternoon training/jamming/juice up time. Music is magic!

Speaking of which… it’s sounding like circles are starting to birth or re-birth in both Idaho Falls and Pocatello. So let’s gather our supportive energies to help that grow.

And talk about juice… here’s something from Narayan.

Hayy! Dancing Brothers and Sisters Hayy!

I’m hoping to see your beautiful faces and waltzing beings very soon.  ‘Tis the season to be jolly (we’re a step ahead of the rest of the gang) and our moving together will deepen into gratefulness the physical fullness of Thanksgiving.  I don’t know how you perceive our Dancing but to me it’s the unbroken stream of real magic that has always been flowing from the One within and everywhere; that which is only hinted at in all the talking and writing and movies and blah, blah, blah. Follow the fingers pointing at the Sun and Moon of Love and throw your whole being into this River (and in Lava it’s hot!) and let’s do it.  Better yet let IT do us!

Love & Thanks


Happy feet

Here’s a chiropractic tip for all those sore knees and hips that keep stabbing at our dance harmony!

The tip is good shoes! It’s all about the kinetic chain and how it works either magic or crookedness throughout our body. Good supportive athletic shoes might not look that great with a dancing outfit… but it will keep the aching to a minimum.

I’ve noticed this in both walking and exercising on my elliptical. If I wear the wrong shoes my knees turn into instruments of torture. Simply changing into better (or forking out bucks for a new pair and throwing the old “comfortable” ones away) will have my knees back to functional body parts in a matter of days.

So if you have been having problems with increasingly aching body parts in the dance… try some athletic shoes and see if that doesn’t make a difference. We wanna keep dancing!

Hope to see you all soon,

Connie Z and Wayne

Love the Dance!

Hello all dancers and lovers of the dance,

It’s getting close to our December Lava, and the troops are getting ready to gather. Thanks to everyone who has signed up for camp, and a big encouragement to everyone else… if you are thinking of coming get your registration in now so we can plan with our cook.

We have a few things up our sleeve and want to start running some ideas by everyone. We’ll be talking about all of this at camp, and really want your input. As a matter of fact… please send your ideas even if you can’t come to December Lava. We want to hear it all.

Local dancing

Starting with some great news. If you’ve been to camp lately you’ll know Anne Timpany from Idaho Falls. She is a Laughter Yoga teacher, runs a great coaching business, and is starting a dance circle in Idaho Falls.

I went down to Idaho Falls this weekend, got my Laughter Yoga certification (yea!!!) and did a first dance. It was an amazing group of people and we are hoping to see lots of them at Lava Hot Springs in a few weeks! They are all some very big smiling faces, and you are all going to love them!

Individual dance sessions

In order to help more local people come we have made a price of $10 a session for folks who can’t attend the whole weekend. The sessions don’t include food (that would be too crazy for our cook) but it should make it easy for new folks to come. So as we dance, we’ll keep an eye out for new faces and welcome them in.

On top of that – we’ve decided that it’s more fun to come with a friend… especially for first time dancers. So anyone who comes for a single session can bring a friend for free!

Cameras and filming

We have a few ideas to make taking photos easier and less disruptive. What we are going to try during the December Lava is set up a few dances on Saturday morning where photographing is welcome. That way it’ll be easy to get some great shots, share them where you will, and also make sure that no one gets photographed who doesn’t want to.

Really appreciate everyone’s input on this one.

Travel and weather

Now that we are getting so close to camp, I think it’s pretty easy to predict that travel weather appears to be mild. Here in Idaho we had a very mild Halloween, and don’t see any signs of crazy cold or storms coming through. So don’t be afraid to come to camp!

Extending Lava dates

People who live far away have indicated that it’s pretty tough to come this whole way for just a weekend. Canyonlands, after all, is more than just a short weekend.

We don’t want to actually extend the regular dance weekend, because that makes it tough on those who have things like jobs! But what we are thinking is to add something cool on either side of the weekend. The first thing that seems to make sense is to use the resource of Anne Timpany (she can give Laughter Yoga training certifications), and have an official Laughter Yoga training event either before or at the end of spring Lava!

What do you all think of that?

Enough for today

Okay, enough! Let us know your great ideas, and please sign up for camp. We want to hear from you personally!

Connie Zareen & Wayne 🙂

Found Something Cool

Dear Lava and Dance Lovers,

First of all, thanks to everyone who has signed up early for December Lava. Really appreciate it. That is making it easy for us to plan with our cook, and also to test our new system. I’ve been tweaking the website daily because of everyone’s suggestions. For instance, it is now really really easy to find the address to just send in a check. We have also worked out some bugs in the shopping cart (for our online payers).

And by the way, to make it SUPER easy… checks go to “Live at Lava” PO Box M, Salmon Idaho 83467

“It takes a village to put on a retreat!” (hee hee)

Spring Lava

Spring dates are now set for the last full weekend in April, which will be April 26-28, 2013. Our original plan was to have the spring retreat in May (like we did this last spring). We then found out that it was bumping up against Canyonlands. And we don’t want to do that!  If we set our date that late, then Canyonlands gets pushed into a time when it is too hot down there in the desert.

Moving to April also gets us into a time when the motel rates in Lava won’t be so high. And speaking of which, Wayne is working to negotiate some discounts for motels for us, to help everyone keep their costs low.

Individual Sessions

We are really making an effort this year to encourage more local people to come join us during the weekend. Carol Hanson is one of our best inspirations for this because she lives right there in Pocatello and has a good pulse on what will help new people come.

So we have set up a per-session cost. In order to really encourage lots of fresh folks to come, the cost will be $10 per dance session and bring a friend for free! Folks will be able to pay at the door, and I have also set up a shopping cart page on the website so they can preregister. Of course, and obviously… the per session cost doesn’t include food. That would be too crazy for our cook!

I found something cool that I want to share with you all.

First of all, hope you love this picture! What a fantastic shot! And here’s me seriously hoping that this babe turned around before birthing day!

Click on the picture and you will go to a fabulous article that will warm the hearts of all dance lovers. It’s about a tribe in Africa where every baby gets their own song which is sung to them throughout their lives by the community.

Here’s the link in case the picture doesn’t work… http://www.evolutionarycollective.com/blog/2012/singing-song/(link is external)

The link goes to a website for a new perspective being brought into the world by some friends of mine back east. My hope is to someday bring the dances into what they are doing as it seems like such a great fit.

They are calling this the “Evolutionary Collective” and it is about a new way for people to come together. In fact it sounds very much like what happens in our dance circles – particularly during those blessed moments when the dance is moving and harmonizing.

Evolutionary Collective Organizing Principles

Here’s a link to the organizing principles of the Evolutionary Collective: http://www.evolutionarycollective.com/about/principles-practices/(link is external)

They speak so sweetly to us though, that I’ve gone ahead and copied them off their website so you can easily read through them.


1. TRUTH & AUTHENTICITY: We are authentic and truthful with each other and ourselves. We do not withhold or alter the truth for gain or to protect anything.

2. ASPIRATION & INSPIRATION: We give ourselves full permission to aspire to all things good, true, and beautiful. We aim to inspire each other, no matter what the content or object of our dealings.

3. OPENNESS & INFLUENCE: We are open and intend to influence each other in ways that are mutually empowering and transformative. We pay attention and acknowledge the influence made in our relationships.

4. CONTRIBUTION: We acknowledge our role as architects of a new cultural level of consciousness and manifestation. We are a sample of the water and represent what is needed for this discovery.

5. CURIOSITY: We do not take fixed positions, but remain open and explore different perspectives. We are courageous, willing and curious, and continually inquire into all aspects of our experience and the world, both individually and together. When in doubt, we ask rather than assume.

6. IMPERSONALITY: We know that most of life is not personal. Our perspective acknowledges the divine impersonality of all.

7. PERSONALNESS: We recognize and are attuned to the person with whom we are relating. We are open to truly touching and seeing each other deeply and specifically. We create a field of kindness, sensitivity, attunement, and intimacy. We neither project, nor view others in any generic way or as an object or someone to be used.

8. RESPONSIBILITY: We act from our wholeness. We take full responsibility for our selves and our karma. We approach life, not by trying, but by really doing our best now. We take responsibility in the present for the consequences of what has happened in the past. Even if we were victimized in the past, we are not victims about it now.

9. GENEROSITY: We share with and empower one another and others. We give what we can in any moment, rather than coming from consuming, taking, or acquiring.

10. NATURAL AUTHORITY: We respect the natural gifts and authority of others and are happy to exercise authority in circumstances where we have mastery.

11. WILLINGNESS & COURAGE: We come from willingness and courage, even in the face of fear, anger, and other emotional states that are difficult. We have a real YES and a real NO that arise from the true self.

12. MUTUALITY: Our work is based in mutuality on all levels and in each moment. Mutuality is the interface of our souls – the confluence of our consciousness and the commingling that occurs while experiencing our true autonomy.

13. FULL ENGAGEMENT: We are fully engaged in our relationships, the collective field, and ongoing process of the evolutionary collective.

14. MANIFESTATION: We engage in deliberate conscious co-creation while growing and navigating the polarity field of intention and allowing.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!


Happy People Dancing

Greetings all happy dancers!

Many of you (I’m sure) have seen the videos from “Where the hell is Matt.” And if not, you are in for a treat. The 2012 video is really great and shows the evolution of his dancing around the world. He is getting larger and larger groups in his videos with awesome moves!

The 2012 video even has a group in Boise dancing! I signed up on his website and will hear if he is in the area again.

Here’s a link to watch the video: http://youtu.be/Pwe-pA6TaZk(link is external)

Enjoy that!

Dance Videos

So it’s funny, I’ve been having this dream of doing something similar with all our dance circles. The idea is to pick a dance, and then have it filmed, from the center of the circle, in all the dance communities through the region. And then do the same dance at Lava with a big group, and put all the clips together into a Youtube video.

Then I went down to Boise and was playing guitars with Premdaya and Elizabeth… and turns out that Elizabeth not only has the same idea, but took a shot at trying to make it happen at Wilderness Dance camp! Must be a good idea.

What do you all think? Want to try it?

8 weeks to Lava!

I looked at the calendar and we are only eight weeks from the December Lava! Please let us know if you are coming and ideally get yourself “officially” signed up. We need to start planning with our cook.

Oneness Project has given the “Lava Project” some seed money that we are wanting to use for local advertising. We are under the gun for that and would appreciate any ideas folks may have for good venues. Please call or email with any good advertising venues in your area.

Also, if there is some way we can help you bring a friend, please let us know.

Saturday meeting

It’s really important to get as many folks as possible to this next Lava as we are going to have a meeting on Saturday to talk about where we want to go from here. We are committed to making the Lava dances affordable for everyone, and to up the juice in any way we can! We have a bunch of ideas about how to make that possible, and really really need community input.

Here are some of the areas we’ve been thinking about:

  • Changing the food structure to reduce costs
  • Making better deals with the local motels
  • Carpools and room sharing
  • Using the Lava gathering to help increase numbers of dancers in local circles
  • Running some Dance training (or more like Dance Juicing!) to to ‘up’ the energy in local circles
  • And more ideas from you!

New Dancers

We are looking for ways to find more dancers! We’ve been dancing locally, and in Lava, for decades now… and very few local people know what we do at all. Let’s get the word out!

Enough for now!

Hope to see you soon in Lava,

Connie, Wayne and the crew

Moving forward!

Greetings all!

I’m writing you today, hiding in my air-filtered cave, and surrounded by Idaho wild fires. Wayne and I seem to be positioned right in the smoke of fires no matter which way the wind blows. We have a huge one to the south and a gynormous one to the north! Come on rain!

You are going to see huge smiles on our faces in December because we know the fires will be out by then! No worries at all this year about winter coming on!

Speaking of which, for any of you who haven’t come to a December Lava in a number of years… it seems like we are not getting the cold and scary driving conditions like we used to years ago. We all have a hint what that’s about… but just so you know it’s a lot easier to get there these days and we hope to see you!

A message from Bernie

Here’s something from Bernie about the new excitement around Lava… and Wilderness too. Bernie will be the high-honcho for Wilderness next year. When he’s in charge it’s always great!

Bernie says this:

“So I’m sitting here this morning learning some of the dances from Wilderness and Crestone (from Sara) and I’m thinking I would promote Lava as the “best of the new and the best of the old.”  That we are bringing the growing energy of the dances to Lava.  How wonderful Wilderness was, and is, and how people who were at Wilderness can re-experience some of the energy and those that weren’t there can feel some of it.  That Wilderness is a clearinghouse of the best new material.”

I totally agree and would love to hear other people’s feelings about dancing in Lava, what it means, and what we want to see. Come toLiveatlava.com(link is external) and post your ideas in the forum.

Energy from Chris

I’m sure you all remember Chris Englund from Jackson Hole (if you don’t you have to come meet him!). Chris brings his luminous positive energy to Lava each season. He’s one of our most enthusiastic decorators of the room, and always offering sessions in the afternoon (often while soaking in the hot pools at the same time).

Chris has posted a few items to the forum, so go to Liveatlava.com(link is external) and send him some feedback. One is a conversation about hanging up Christmas lights with the idea of zero-impact on the room environment. The other is a container for prayer and meditation.

Remember that I am still trying to make all the programming in the website work. Chris points out that we need ways for conversations to be sent to everyone, and we will eventually get there.

Meanwhile, be sure to also use the Facebook page(link is external) that Lotus set up. We can all communicate easily with each other from there:

A new attempt to give back

I started a new website: BetterOffWithObama.com(link is external). It’s a place where we can post our stories if we are feeling less stressed out than we were 4 years ago when everything was taking the big tank! It would be way cool if it spreads quickly and can make a difference! Post stories there and pass it on. It’s my little attempt to help spread a positive message and I appreciate all help!

Sign up soon!

Thanks to all the early folks who went right out and signed up for the retreat! We really appreciate it as it gives us the needed cash to make down payments on food and rent for the retreat. We love you guys!

And to all… hope to see your smiling faces soon both online and in December in Lava Hot Springs.

Love and Hugs

Connie Zareen & Wayne

P.S. Sorry about such a long newsletter. When I started I thought I didn’t have anything to say, and then I went on and on! I’ll try to write more often so the news isn’t so full. And if you don’t want this newsletter there is an unsubscribe button right below, and if you want to help spread the word… pass this along to friends.

Facebook and Flyer

[This newsletter is for the community of dancers who gather (have ever gathered, or ever want to gather) for the dance in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho!]

Hello everyone again!

Thanks to you all for your comments, help and enthusiasm as we move forward with our “Lava Improvement Program!” We have a few new things ready, and some comments and questions to answer.

Lava Facebook Page

Lotus created a Facebook page for the Lava community. So please join over there. I also made an event page for the December event. It will help us tremendously if you all Like our page, and forward the event off to all your interested friends.

Thanks so much for starting that Lotus! We love you… I put a link to the Facebook page at the bottom of LiveatLava.com(link is external).

Flyer is Ready

We have a flyer all ready, and have uploaded it as a pdf to theLiveatLava.com(link is external) homepage. Wayne and I are printing out a bunch of them today and will be mailing them off to dance circles around the area. Let me know if you want some (or if you see a typo or anything…)

What about OP?

Arthur asked if Oneness Project isn’t still running Lava?

The answer is: kinda sorta a little bit maybe or maybe not.

The thing is that it depends on what the community wants. And that’s why we are making a big attempt at bringing in new life to the process.

The real answer is that YOU are Lava! Come dance in December and join in the discussion.


We have a forum up and running on LiveatLava.com(link is external)  (and fixed the permissions for posting thanks to Chris and Lotus). You can now post your ideas, and list if you are available for room or ride sharing.

I posted an idea about letting community members advertise their businesses and services on the site. What do you all think about that? We always have a wonderful bazaar each weekend, why not support each other’s endeavors throughout the year?

So enough for today. Thanks to everyone who made an account on the site, joined us on Facebook, and keep us in your hearts.


Connie Z and Wayne!

Mutual Awakening

Good Day!

Hoping to see you this weekend at camp. If you are not making it we will have you there in spirit. To that end I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine who is doing some amazing work in the field of evolving consciousness: Jeff Carreira. Jeff is currently working with Patricia Alberte in what they are calling the “Evolutionary Collective.” If you think that sounds very much like what we are doing in the Dance then you are absolutely right!

Jeff and Patricia have just launched a Free 8-Part eLearning Course(link is external) on Mutual Awakening that would be wonderful for many of us to do together as a community.

Mutual Awakening

In their new eLearning course Patricia Albere and Jeff Carreira share their experience of the shared mystical domain of Mutual Awakening and explain how it can be approached, experienced and lived together.
Mutual Awakening is a powerful spiritual opening that occurs between two or more individuals who have turned toward each other in a gesture of profound sensitivity and vulnerability. This profound level of connection brings us into an inner world that exists between us. This shared inner space, sometimes called inter-subjectivity or ‘we-space,’ is a new frontier in consciousness. Most of us have very little access to it, but over the course of the next few decades our society will develop a capacity for experiencing inter-subjectivity that will rival our current access to individual consciousness.
This extraordinary eLearning course is offered free of charge and includes a copy of the eBook Mutual Awakening, Opening into a New Paradigm of Human Relatedness.

Quality and Trust

Although I have yet to meet Patricia Albere, I have known and worked with Jeff Carreira for many years and can attest to both his authenticity and integrity. Jeff was my teacher for the Evolutionary Enlightenment course. The only thing I can say is that he is both brilliant and fun! Unquestionably he is on the leading edge of the new spirituality emerging on the planet and is worth engaging with!
Mutual Awakening means simply awakening that which is between us as much as that which is in us. Yes – it’s a very good idea for moving humanity into our next phase of environmental and social harmony.
And speaking of harmony…

Add Music and Feet and you have Dancing!

You can see where I’m heading with this… yes! Pick up a guitar, strike a chord, lay down a drum beat, add some feet and you have the Dances of Universal Peace being described in a whole new way!

So please take a look. Sign up for the free eCourse if you are so moved andI’ll see you on the other side. 


Here’s the really long link to click on (Those of you who are techy will notice that it references a website with a bunch of code at the end of the URL – that is the tracking code so that they know I sent you!!!)

http://evolutionarycollective.com/courses/mutual-awakening-elearning-course/?inf_contact_key=6301777e0053c4f36d99ba3c15c2a487d4dc99303043fd143e9d649cdc48e66c(link is external)

In case that doesn’t work for you… here’s the short version without the tracking:

http://evolutionarycollective.com/courses/mutual-awakening-elearning-course(link is external)