Spiritual Music to Soothe The Soul


Spring to Life!

We had some rain yesterday and everything turned green in one day. Amazing how that happened.

What I’m hearing from people, though, is that we are tired and worn out! That’s not surprising considering the pace we all work at, and the stress we’ve been under. I’m thinking it’s time for a retreat… and guess what?

Lava is next weekend! (April 21-23)

I may be wrong, but I think the main thing needed to counteract exhaustion is hope. That’s why spring is always so powerful each year. There are still a lot of grey gloomy clouds, it keeps getting cold and wet, but flowers bloom, grass grows, birds start flying north. Nature doesn’t worry about the setbacks of weather. Nature notices even the slightest changes in temperature and responds with abundance.

What we seem to need, as humans, is to have a rebirth in faith of the goodness of our collective self. Coming together in song and dance is the fastest, most poignant, way to share in the goodness and beauty of each other. Moving, toning, smiling, hugging… that’s what we are good at!

Let’s do that!

Single Sessions

If you can’t come for the whole weekend we would love to see you for a day! Here is our schedule: http://liveatlava.com/schedule/

Still Room!

We still have some room at the retreat, and some lodging space as well. Sign up here: http://liveatlava.com/register/

Last Call for a ride

We have a dancer in Richmond Utah who needs a ride… and is starting to give up hope of finding one!!! So last call to help bring Anna Carol to camp.

She lives on the back highway between Salt Lake and Lava. She can get a ride to the highway on Friday and is very flexible in schedule. Just as a hint hint… she is a very interesting person and her lucky driver will be in for a treat in getting to know her better!

If you have any friends in Salt Lake maybe give them a call and encourage them to come to camp!



Flyer, Dates & Details

20 Days until Lava!

Only 20 days left until we meet together to dance and heal in Lava Hot Springs. Here are some important detials.


Please download our flyer, pass and post them around. Especially if you are local to the Lava, Pocatello or Idaho Falls area.

Download Lava 2017 Flyer


We are filling up fast, but have a few spaces left in our shared housing. Please reply to this email if you are interested and I’ll put you in touch with Rahmana to see if she can fit you in a room.

We also hear that there are a few motel rooms available at the Home Hotel, and also at the Tumbleweed Inn (both in Lava in walking distance to dance hall.)


We have our regular dance schedule for the evenings and mornings. We also have special Earth Day activities on Saturday afternoon.

Here’s a page with the full schedule.

Water Ceremony

We are excited to connect with Nichelle,of Medicine Muse for a water ceremony on Saturday afternoon at 2. Even if you don’t come dance, we would love for you to come connect with us this way – and bring any friends.

About the ceremony

Moonshadow is an intuitive energy healing practitioner. She practices and teaches many different spirit guided modalities and healings for one’s self mind, body, and soul. As well as for all divine universe.

PiKaKi is of many lineages of healers from many cultures, and has practiced channeling and healing since a very young age.

Please join and help empower a very much needed, uniquely empowering healing for everything, everywhere for Mother Earth. A critical call has been made for a Conscious, Divine Blessing of Waters ceremony to take place. For those who hear the call and feel moved to answer Creator, we welcome you with open hearts, spirits and minds.

We will be collecting the divine to give infinite love, light, and healing into the water. Esoteric, energetic collection of the Divine will take place with our collective intention and action by giving infinite love, light, and healing into the water and to all who are present, and, beyond.

There will be music (acoustic indigenous instruments only PLEASE), movement, and many blessings to share. This is a great opportunity to meet some of our spiritual family members!

Following the ceremony, MEDICINE MUSE will offer all participants a drink of empowered water and opportunities to learn more about cleaner water source, protecting and other practices to provide safer water (drinking, cooking, bathing, laundry). They are completely environmentally and eco-friendly. All available for you and your loved ones. Those who wish to learn more about ancient holistic, esoteric, simple energetic and natural medicinals for supporting and healing spirit, body and mind are welcome to explore the possibilities through the many offerings that will be available and present. We will have a full set up for you to explore in the MEDICINE MUSE studio!

We are very excited to be sharing such a special blessing with each of you and those that will be visiting town to participate in the Peace Dance Festivities this weekend! This DONATION based event will be one you won’t forget! Come ready to receive as much as you will be ready to give.

Sending our infinite love, light and prayers to each and every one of you!

Please share our Facebook event on the water ceremony. 

How to Be an Effective Human Being

In holding true to insights from a year of illness, Zareen will be holding a talk after the water ceremony to inspire us all to live our full potential in the coming years. She’ll be talking about that crazy thing we know as ego, how it evolved to help us survive, and how our very survival now requires that we bring awareness to its workings. As you may know from working with Zareen, the talk will be lively, funny and inspiring. Be prepared to realize that the boogyman is not such a big boogy!


Melissa is cooking for us this retreat. She is planning on a simple and delicious fare, and working in the kitchen will be minimal. She will be needing some help, however, so we should all be prepared to pitch in when needed.

Friday night will be a potluck. We ask each person to bring some easy things like a quiche, humus, salad (especially if you having something growing in your garden) and your favorite bread (especially if you are gluten or wheat free.)

Ride Sharing

We have a dancer who needs a ride from Richmond Utah. That’s between Salt Lake and Lava, but on the backroad instead of the highway. Please look up the town on Google maps and know if you can swing by and get her. It would be a wonderful blessing to us all if you can help. Anna Carol is very flexible with her schedule and we’ll get you in touch with her if you can help.

Matter of fact… Salt Lake people – perhaps this is your incentive to come join us for the weekend!

Dancing Feet and Happy Throats

Come ready to move and sing! We are so excited to see everyone again and eat, dance and pray together.

Food and Lodging rounding out for retreat

Does it seem like the world is whizzing along at top speed? That might actually be a good thing when we are trying to get something done! So if dancing for peace is high on your list – time to kick into gear! Our spring Lava dance camp is coming right up… and we have some fun things happening.

First… register!

We’re just over four weeks away from Lava Dance Camp. If you’re planning to come, please register with Zareen/Connie by visiting liveatlava.com.


There is a housing shortage (due to a wedding). We have three shared-housing options to help people get a place to stay. This will both save money, AND give you an option to get to know fellow dancers better.

Rahmana is managing the rooms. After you register please contact her at: elizsayre@gmail.com


Curious about the menu?

  • Friday night we’re going potluck. Camp will provide baked potatoes (white and sweet), salad and some fixings. Suggested offerings are:
    • Quiche (easy to make and transport! Makes great leftovers)
    • Your favorite bread or rollups (good contribution from gluten-free folks)
    • Humus (so many interesting options these days)
    • Vegetable tray
  • Saturday Breakfast: oatmeal bar, fresh fruit
  • Saturday Lunch: couscous with veggies, salad, homemade hummus & chips
  • Saturday Dinner: Chicken Spaghetti (chicken on the side, wheat and gf pastas) with red sauce, garlic bread, salad, fruit crisp
  • Sunday Breakfast: quiche, fruit, toast
  • Sunday Lunch: leftovers or sample the fine food in Lava

Help us!

As usual we will be asking everyone to contribute some energy to the event by helping in the kitchen and light duties around the room. If you can show up early to help set up we will love you forever! (Well, we will anyway… but…)

We also always need folks who can stay a bit in the afternoon and help with cleanup on Sunday.

Rides: We have a dancer up in Northern UT (Richmond, north of Logan) who needs a ride. And we also have a dancer nearby in Inkom (just south of Pocatello) who needs a ride. Please reply to this email and we’ll get you in touch with them.

Earth Day and Water Ceremony

To celebrate Earth Day we will be having a special water ceremony on Saturday at 2:00. More on that later as we get final details.

As always, anyone is welcome to attend individual sessions instead of the full weekend with a $10 suggested donation per session. We highly recommend attending the Saturday Water Ceremony and evening Multi-cultural Zikr.


Here’s the basic schedule

  • Friday Eve: Potluck dinner starts at 6
  • Friday night dance: 7:30 to 9:30ish
  • Saturday breakfast starts at 7:45, until 8:15
  • Morning dance “Honoring the Earth” 9:30 to noon
  • Lunch 12:00
  • Water Ceremony: 2:00
  • Darshan: How to be an effective human being: 3:00 tea!
  • Saturday evening Interfaith Zikr: 7:30
  • Sunday morning breakfast: 7:45 to 8:15
  • Dance 9:30 to Noon

Hope to see you soon.

Lodging at the retreat

Hi All,

It looks like there is a big wedding happening in Lava on our retreat weekend, and motel rooms are disappearing fast. So please get your reservations soon, and also get signed up for camp.

We rented a house that sleeps 10 just across the bridge from the Senior Center. Cost will be $60 for the whole weekend, so please let us know if you would like to share in that house so we can get everyone arranged.

There are also three RV spaces available in the Rivers Edge campground (just across the road from the Senior Center.) and other lodging can be found on lavahotsprings.org.

Again the dates for the retreat are April 21-23. You can register here: http://liveatlava.com

Hope to be seeing you all soon.

How to ask for what you want

I read an interesting article today that I’d like to share. It’s from an expert in regime change. She’s been studying what works best, and the hands-down winner is non-violent protests. The number one success indicator is how many people participate, and the number one challenge is to maintain a peaceful stance over a long period of time (and with all those people.)

It got me thinking about a few things.

One is the way we ask for things. I know that, for myself, I tend to ask for things and expect an immediate response. If I don’t get what I want then I tend to get anxious, think I’m not heard, get grouchy and lose faith. I am not real good with patience, and the idea of having to ask over and over never occurs to me.

Another thing is all the difficulties involved in getting groups of people to come together in like mind, and like spirit, and initiate action together. I’m also thinking about how important it is to practice, think things through and talk things through.

I’ve been watching resistance groups at town halls and everyone looks like they are screaming and yelling. I can definitely understand how that can happen, but I’m wondering if practicing would help get the message across better. And I’m not just talking about immediate politics here. It’s a good lesson in how we ask for things in daily life. It’s good to contemplate what it takes to manage a long-term view of sustainability. It’s really interesting to work on ways to come together with a deeper peace… and then bring that out into the world for positive change.

I know there are various groups, and techniques, and things like that out there. But I’m wondering what we can come up with ourselves. I’m thinking that if we work on something that comes from our own understanding, instead of just trying a technique, if we won’t have a more sustainable change in our own being that we can bring into the world.

After our dance camp in Lava Hot Springs in April I’d like some help in putting together groups in our communities who are committed to a new, sustainable movement towards peace. Who’s with me?

Here’s the article:




Keep yourself healthy in times of stress

It’s  very important to keep yourself healthy in times of stress! We recommend a full weekend of Dances of Universal Peace. This magic elixir is the result of the most ancient of all medicines: human touch and music.

The terrible thing about stress (besides how yucky it feels) is that it is a contributing cause to numerous diseases — including cancer. Sustained stress weakens us and makes us ineffective in combating what may be causing the stress.

The wonderful thing about stress is how easily it dissolves in the right atmosphere. The Dances of Universal Peace create the perfect atmosphere.

If you have never danced before the thing that will surprise you the most is how you don’t need to know a single person for the magic to work. You’d think that you would really need to know people in order to have a close, loving encounter. But the addition of music and movement gently bring us all into a field of togetherness that does not require knowing names, history or philosophies. Those of us who have danced for years can tell you that it’s the easiest and most effective therapy that a person can possibly experience.

So — let’s get together in April to reduce our stress and spread the love.

We are having a weekend retreat in Lava Hot Springs (southern Idaho) on April 21st to 23rd. Yes! It’s Earth Day! We will get together for a pot luck dinner on Friday evening and then start dancing at 7:30. Saturday activities will be a dance in the morning, and then Earth Day activities through the afternoon (maybe you will only want to soak in the natural spring waters of Lava Hot Springs!) On Saturday evening we’ll have the signature dance of the weekend that we call the “Interfaith Zikr.” It’s our opportunity to sink into the movement and music with few interruptions. And finally, on Sunday morning we’ll dance again in celebration of our togetherness, and heading back to our communities and jobs, refreshed and read to do our life work with renewed passion and effectiveness.

Here’s where to sign up for the weekend — http://liveatlava.com.

What Peace Looks Like

Today, as I’m working on getting ready for our next Peace Dance in Lava Hot Springs (11 weeks!) I suddenly started wondering, “What would peace look like?”

We dance for universal peace.

Strangely enough, I realized I don’t have a clear idea of the end game. I do know that some fuzzy picture of everyone walking around smiling all the time as sugar plums fall from the sky… will probably not happen. It would be terrible for our teeth any way!

I know for sure that being human is tricky. We are built to live in small groups in a natural world that does not change very rapidly. We are best when our beliefs hold true during a lifetime, when we know who we are from the day we are born, and when we are not challenged by things we don’t understand. If we are going to live with a fully populated world we are going to constantly face new challenges, and we are going to have to constantly adjust to things as they change.

In other words: People will always go crazy! In the real world peace will have to be dynamic enough to withstand constant change, and ever creative in the way we respond with our human limitations.

We have really crazy limitations. Human beings have an huge capacity to misunderstand what is going on. We are all easily fooled. When things go well it’s easy for us to fall into complacency and not see problems as they build. It’s easy to misunderstand situations as they arise, and it’s really easy to over react. It’s also always going to be true that each generation will forget many of the lessons of the previous generation.

I believe it’s true that we have an unlimited capacity of love. We are all full of curiosity and, when something is interesting to us, we are all eager to learn. We have an amazing ability to communicate with each other, and every single person has something they are brilliant in doing. When lots of people look at a problem then they see it from many different angles.

So what would peace look like?

The more I thought about it the more I realized that peace would look like lots of people, with similar values, who are resilient enough to withstand times when others have gone crazy. There will always be times when folks are either not paying attention, misinformed, or downright wrong about what is going on. There will always be other folks who are actively learning, watching, and paying attention. True peace would mean that the majority of the world is living in sanity and without war at any given time… and those people would be willing to intervene in places that experience temporary troubles. True peace would look like that moment when things go terribly wrong, and millions quickly rise up communicating, finding solutions, chanting and demonstrating change.

I suddenly realized that peace on earth would look exactly like our world today. Good job everyone!

I hope you come and dance with us in April as we exercise and grow our ability to love and be together.

80 Days until Lava Retreat

Time for a refresher!

Who wants to hug, and sing, and dance and celebrate our deep capacity for love? It’s only 80 days until we can meet together in beautiful Lava Hot Springs for all that! Will we see you there?

Registration is open at http://liveatlava.com – please let us know you are coming.

We have a Facebook event at https://www.facebook.com/events/196884084049009/ – please like that page and pass it around to everyone you know.

We are going to be taking out targeted ads on Facebook soon and the more you do to help the better it will be. So let us know if you are coming, pass around the word, and start practicing those dancing feet.

We need some love


Time to Dance and Celebrate our Hearts

Hello dancers and dance lovers.

It’s a new year and time to plan how we will move forward as a community full of love and celebration. Get out your calendars and start committing to a full year of participation in beautiful change to make our world kind, and green, and thriving.

Here are some suggestions for that calendar.

A Chanting Weekend with Sara Rain
February 11 and 12, 2017
in Jackson, Wyoming 
at Lotus Vibes,160 W. Broadway, Jackson, WY 83001

Montana Family Camp

February 17 – 19

 at Camp Mak-A-Dream
This is an amazing dance camp located halfway between Missoula and Bozeman on I90. We stay in community cabins, and dance in a beautiful lodge with a great view.

Live at Lava

You have to come to this one!

2017 Spring Live at Lava
Dates: April 21, 22, 23

We’ll be renting the Senior Center for a full, 3-day dance retreat.

Come dance with us in beautiful Lava Hot Springs, Idaho.

Flyer | Register online today

Commit to your schedule today… and see you soon.

Connie Z

Now we know what joy really means

These days we are having the most poignant lesson in spirituality that we could ever hope to have. As our community landscape changes people may find themselves feeling things that are not familiar: worry, doubt, fear and even anger. Perhaps the holiday season is difficult, or people are dealing with health difficulties. Maybe you’ve suddenly turned into a crazy rebel. Or maybe you are great, but you have friends and family who are going deeper into this unfamiliar territory.

Either way, there are many choices in how we respond to the world around us and the feelings it brings. One way to respond is to let yourself open up with greater and greater awareness. Instead of trying to numb pain, or cover it up in any way, just watch and take the opportunity to learn how you really work as a human being. Learn what really makes you tick, hold firm to what you know is true and good. Speak up even if you may do or say something wrong. Trust your years of spiritual practice. Know you can move with as much truthfulness as possible in each moment.

This way of living is what my spiritual teacher always talked about. He said that if we stand true to ourselves then we grow in wisdom every day – because we learn from our own experience. If we hide and pretend that things are fine, when they aren’t, then we don’t learn. It’s called the light of awareness. It might not always feel good, but it brings tremendous benefits. It is even more powerful when done by a community.

This can be an uncomfortable way to live during trying times, but it is also the way that we become the most use to our communities and families – because every day we grow stronger, wiser and more able to guide and take action.

It also teaches us the true meaning and power of joy!

A very real problem in allowing ourselves to be real, to experience fear and uncertainty as the world seems to change around us, is that it’s tough on the body. Negativity has it’s own force and can draw us in. If we are going to be real, and stay real then we need to take care of ourselves – and that requires our skill at joy!

Think about it this way. Many of us have spent a lifetime cultivating beauty and joy. We are really good at it. If we were never interrupted in that by outside forces we would be quite happy to live in that niceness forever. But when things come along that are difficult we don’t need to dig a hole and hide. Instead we can celebrate and honor our enhanced skills of love and joy. We can face difficulties with necessary responses: protest, discuss, write, share scary Facebook posts… and then take a break! Pick up a guitar and dance and sing! Have a dance camp. Get together with friends and laugh. Know that you have tremendous joy skills and share them as refreshing breaks that heal and replenish!

We know what we are best at – Joy! We can use this to create a good world as we move through times that are difficult. We are the joy warriors.


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