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Do something nice today

Hi All,

A great sadness today as we are faced with another extreme example of how much people are hurting in our country. It’s on days like this that we really know how much we need each other.

The more I participate in life, and watch and learn, the more I see how important it is to work on “the darkness within.” However, my ideas about how this is best done has dramatically changed over the past few years.

In fact, I don’t think the concept of the “darkness within” gives a good picture of what is really going on with us spiritually and collectively. I think we would do better to think of it is as the “Normalness within” because then we wouldn’t be so afraid of it, and wouldn’t give it so much mystery and power.

We have both an individual and collective subconscious, which comes from the same place. They are both, really, the same thing. It’s our conditionings and the many conclusions that have accumulated in our grey matter (psyche) over time. It’s our individual and collective hurt. Instead of trying to cure it, or psychoanalyze it. or enlighten it, I think we simply need to nurture it with goodness and consciously feed it the nutrition it needs to be healthy.

It’s like a garden. Yes, weeds grow, but all it needs for health is care. It needs water, and fertilizer. It needs weeding, and pruning and harvesting. We don’t worry that a garden has dirt; that’s what stuff grows out of. We don’t try to kill weeds by not feeding them… because that would kill the garden as well. A good gardener simply keeps up with it, and gets out of it what they put into it.

Traditional spirituality in our country has done more for increasing the darkness within us than for nurturing our inner garden. Fearing sin, darkness and evil encourages those things to be fore front. I see the same problem happening in so much of the new age community as well. Focusing on getting rid of the negative always has the opposite effect! Even if we are crying out to not feed the negative… we are still giving it power.

What if life and spirituality were much simpler?

What if we enjoyed our full, messy and dirty selves? What if we responded by appreciating our craziness, and created lives that nurtured goodness in creative and natural ways? What if we simply put acts of goodness at the fore front and used that as nutrition to grow peace?

Everyone from neuroscientists to the local Reiki practitioner will tell us that it takes ten compliments to overcome one negative comment. I think that’s really good odds!

Ten to one means that we strive, every day, to put out humor, love, spiciness and compliments. Today is Monday and something terrible has happened. Do what ever you do (fax your Senator, complain, cry, hide in a hole) and then strive to do ten nice things.

Today we don’t have utopia. But today we can strive for an even keel.

Rains have come, smoke is gone… Time to Dance!

The rains have finally come! Smoke is gone… It’s time to dance.

It sure got cold fast, but what a relief to have the healing rains pouring over the earth. I suddenly realized that it is six weeks until we meet in Lava Hot Springs to dance… where we can have the healing waters of music and devotion wash our weary souls.

Who’s coming?

Sign up today!

Full Weekend is only $90 – bring a friend for $80

You can mail your registration to:

Live at Lava
PO Box M
Salmon, Idaho 83467

Please include your name, address, email and phone

Sign up Online

Here is a link to our online order form:

Here is a flyer you can print and mail in:

Save $10

Online: Enter the coupon WORLDPEACE and you can save $10 when checking out.

Or… write WORLDPEACE on your check and subtract $10 from

See you soon!

Wayne and Zareen

Beloved Community Member

We are sorry to share the passing of a beloved community member of the Lava Dance Community in Pocatello. Carol Hansen passed away yesterday. On Monday, Aug 22nd, she was touring through a dental office where she was subbing. They just climbed a large flight of stairs when Carol collapsed and fell down the full flight of stairs.

She was rushed to the hospital and, thanks to our close dance community, the hospital was quickly able to locate her family. Many community members stayed in touch in vigil through the next days, and Carol passed on Wednesday.

Carol was the embodiment of what it means to step up to the plate. She was active in both her local community, and the Dance Network. She was a past Board member of DUPNA (1998-2005) and served as President of the Board for several years. Just last weekend she drove to Ogden Utah and camped and danced with Melissa at the OmFest. We know she showed up both for the dance, and to help Melissa with her community there. Because of the participation of Carol and several other dancers and musicians (who drove long distances) the festival was a successful and a beautiful beginning of participation with a new group. Our small circle had mostly experienced dancers, and new people were brought into the loving circle in a very powerful way. Then… on her way out, Carol sticks ten dollar bills on the musician’s windshields to help with gas money!

If you’ve ever come to a Lava dance camp you’ll remember Carol with her bright smile, always-beautiful flowing being, and loving dance leading. Here are some pictures of our beloved.

Carol Lava 2008 Carol Lava 2005 (1) Carol Lava 2005 Carol at OM fest 2 Carol at OM Fest 1

Two dance opportunities this week

Hi all… short notice, I know. We have two dance opportunities this weekend, and I thought I’d send out a quick update to make sure everyone has heard:

Friday in Idaho Falls

Lucinda and Carol Hanson are leading a dance in Idaho Falls on Friday.

When: Friday, January 29 – Potluck at 6pm, dance 7-9

Where: Harmonic Life Foundation – 4011 E 49th S, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83406

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1692452361001221/

Saturday in Salt Lake

Melissa, Zareen and Wayne will be leading a dance in Salt Lake City on Saturday.

When: Saturday, January 30 at 4 PM – 6 PM

Where: One Mind Studio 216 W Paxton Ave, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/919179708165556/

Hopefully we’ll see you  there. 

Connie Zareen

Next Lava Dates


Just a quick note about our next dance dates in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. We’ll meet again

Spring April 22-24, 2016


We don’t have a signup form ready on the site yet… but ink that date into your calendar and we’ll let you know when we are ready for reservations.

Sound Healing

I also wanted to pass on some information about the drummer who joined us for Zikr on Saturday evening, because he is doing such amazing work in our area.

George Grant teaches a wide variety of musical skills, and musical healing techniques. He is both a vocalist and a Percussionist. George has used his diverse background in world music, jazz-fusion improvisation, sacred vocal music, creative writing, nature education, movement, and meditation, to develop alternatives in music as meditation, self-healing, stress reduction, team building, and life skills.

Here’s a bit of his offerings:

— Online Vocal Toning Lessons (Skype or Facetime) 
— Online Frame Drum Lessons – all levels 
— Online Sound Healing and Music Meditation Skills
(with or without actually “toning”)
More discussion and videos are on his website:

And some Youtube videos showing how he combines intuitive music as support for healing and body work.

I hope you enjoy these and that we will see you next spring in Lava Hot Springs,

Love and hugs,


Dance with us in Salt Lake City

Big News!

We have found a wonderful location in Salt Lake to have a “Kick-off” dance for the Parliament of World Religions. Please help us spread the word – we have a full size gym that we can fill with hundreds of dancers!

The Orthodox Greek Church in downtown Salt Lake is graciously giving us a space for a dance on Wednesday evening, Oct 14th. I created a Facebook page and would appreciate everyone inviting local Salt Lake people from your friend’s list.

When: Wednesday evening. Oct 14. 7:30 pm (doors open at 7)

Where: Holy Trinity Cathedral Greek Orthodox Church – 279 South 300 West, SLC

Who: We have over 80 dancers coming to the Parliment, so you’ll be meeting our world community. Dance roster is not set yet… but you can expect the best of the best.

Why: Gosh!

Spread the word!

Here’s our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1507434082904677/

Post that dance love!

Please help us make our event page on Facebook interesting and exciting by posting any pictures you have, and stories on your love of the dance.

If you are new to the dances, this is a perfect opportunity to dip your toes into the water and see what it is all about. If you can’t come to the Parliament it’s worth coming to Salt Lake just for this dance.

Note: this is a non-Parliament event. No POWR ticket needed. Come as you are!

We Found a Cook

Just that easy!

potluckWe found a cook for November. Mary Link (who is a long time dancer, and caterer from Boulder) is coming to cook for us.

So Ya Fatah!

If you want to say Hi to her, here’s her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mary.liink

Parliament of World Religions

We still have one ticket available for the Parliament of World Religions in Salt Lake in October. For $189.

Just reply to this email if you are interested.

We have a page on the Lava site for the Parliament. We’ll be posting location of our booth, and dance times and places there as soon as that is solidified: http://liveatlava.com/powr/

See you soon!

Our next dance dates are: November 13-15. You can sign up now at: http://liveatlava.com/register/

Ever onward!


Free Online Classes from Wali Ali !!!

I recently discovered something wonderful I want to share. A free online class from Wali Ali covering a book he co-authored, “Physicians of the Heart: A Sufi View of the Ninety-Nine Names of Allah”. Written with three other co-authors, it is groundbreaking in insight and depth. Also groundbreaking in weight; don’t drop in on your foot!

You can download these classes (& anothers) via a link here:
Please note, these zipped files will not work with with Chrome or Android operating systems. You may need to jump through hoops from Apple Support making them float on your Mac. Windows should be just fine.
The book and audio pronunciations can be found here: http://physiciansoftheheart.com/

Since serious acquaintance with the 99 Names of Allah is demanded of DUP Leader mentees, this book has become a revered text. Wali Ali’s recordings of classes covering the book were monthly gatherings with dedicated students lasting over a year. Not focusing on every aspect of this big fat humongous treatise, his lectures do a remarkable job distilling the book’s essence and indeed expanding it for listeners. I heartily recommend the book and free classes to all mentors, mentees, and serious students of Dances. Even if you’ve previously read this tome, consider revisiting it with these classes. One thing I’ve greatly enjoyed is literally hearing Love drip from Wali Ali’s voice.

“Ya Fattah” to Murshid Wali Ali for sharing this resource!

Chris Englund


Four Weeks until Lava

Hard to believe that it’s only four weeks until we meet in Lava Hot Springs for our fall dance. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Let the countdown start! For those who haven’t, please sign up at http://liveatlava.com.

Introducing our Leaders.

First – for those who don’t know him… we’d like to introduce Narayan. He has been one of our main leaders since starting the Lava retreat all those years ago.


Narayan is a fabulous guitar player with a deep intuition for using music and movement to bring the circle into harmony. Both musical and heart harmony.

This year Narayan spent two and a half months (late Jan to early April) traveling and leading dances, mostly in the southern hemisphere, with a full month in New Zealand. Then it was on to leading our week-long retreat on Flathead lake in Montana.

By far, most important, is his recent work with Zeroeth Commandmennt – a silent breathing practice using the essential “Nan Yar” (Ramana Maharshi’s essential ego destroying question, “Who am I?”) Both in dance and silent practice.

He is bringing some new material to Lava in a few weeks, and we can expect an amazing Saturday evening Zikr.

Enough for today:

Next newsletter we’ll learn more about Zareen!

2014 Weekend Pool Pass at the Aura Soma Motel

Great News!

The Aura Soma Motel is continuing its $10 weekend pass for anybody that’s not a guest to use their pool. I recommend Dancers purchase access when first arriving in town, so that they won’t miss out soaking in the evening (Dances end after the motel office closes). Here’s their web site: http://www.aurasomalava.com/(link is external)

For those not in the know, Aura Soma has the coolest laid back setting of any other pool.  After dark, they haven’t minded “clothing optional” folks.

Happy Trails!