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Beloved Community Member

We are sorry to share the passing of a beloved community member of the Lava Dance Community in Pocatello. Carol Hansen passed away yesterday. On Monday, Aug 22nd, she was touring through a dental office where she was subbing. They just climbed a large flight of stairs when Carol collapsed and fell down the full flight of stairs.

She was rushed to the hospital and, thanks to our close dance community, the hospital was quickly able to locate her family. Many community members stayed in touch in vigil through the next days, and Carol passed on Wednesday.

Carol was the embodiment of what it means to step up to the plate. She was¬†active in both her local community, and the Dance Network.¬†She was a past Board member of DUPNA (1998-2005) and served as President of the Board for several years. Just last weekend she drove to Ogden Utah and camped and danced with Melissa at the OmFest. We know she showed up both for the dance, and to help Melissa with her community there. Because of the participation of Carol and several other dancers and musicians (who drove long distances) the festival was a successful and a beautiful beginning of participation with a new group. Our small circle had mostly experienced dancers, and new people were brought into the loving circle in a very powerful way. Then… on her way out, Carol sticks ten dollar bills on the musician’s windshields to help with gas money!

If you’ve ever come to a Lava dance camp you’ll remember Carol with her bright smile, always-beautiful flowing being, and loving dance leading. Here are some pictures of our beloved.

Carol Lava 2008 Carol Lava 2005 (1) Carol Lava 2005 Carol at OM fest 2 Carol at OM Fest 1